Why Every Business Central Customer Should Use Mekorma Electronic Signatures

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) provides standard check printing reports and the ability to print checks with signatures. So how does Mekorma Electronic Signatures improve upon BC’s out-of-the-box functionality?


Flexible Configurations

Mekorma’s extension automates signature logic by establishing payment amount thresholds. Accounts Payable administrators and CFOs can determine which signatures will appear on each check depending on the rules established for each payment amount. You can print one or two signatures per threshold range, and the signatories can vary.

David Santos CFO

Signs checks up to $30,000

Ellen Miller CEO

Signs checks $5,000 and up

Mekorma Approval Workflow Setup Window

For example, the configuration above can be applied to your organization’s checkbook(s) and integrated with BC’s approval workflow or Power Automate. After payments are approved through the workflow, checks from $0 - $5,000 will print with one signature (CFO) and $5,000.01 - $30K will print with two signatures (CFO/CEO). Finally, checks over $30K print with one electronic signature (CEO) and a blank line for a manual signature.

  Encrypted Signatures for Maximum Security

More importantly, we ensure that your organization’s signatures are secured and encrypted.

When using standard Business Central functionality, you are required to modify the associated check reports to place a signature image on the face of the check. Unfortunately, this exposes the signature image to all users authorized to modify reports. With Mekorma Electronic Signatures, signatures are uploaded and secured via BC’s security roles and printed on checks based on established business rules. 

Mekorma Electronic Signatures leverages Business Central data architecture. Media files are stored at the tenant system level, preventing any storage in extension-specific tables. Mekorma Electronic Signatures accesses the signature image via a system assigned reference that is stored internally.

This approach offers two levels of security:

  1. Tables stored at the system level in Business Central are encrypted at rest using TDE (Transparent Data Encryption).
  2. Users have no direct access to Business Central tables.

In addition, Microsoft has implemented isolated data storage between tenants and extensions, so that you can keep record key values from being accessed from other extensions. The only mechanism available to access our data is via an API - Mekorma does not supply any API that would allow other extensions to access stored signature information.

For more information on Business Central security, please click here.


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