Exclusive Service for Mekorma MICR Clients

The easiest way to create payment batches, print checks, generate EFTs, and SafePay files from multiple checkbooks and across companies.

Mekorma Multi-Batch Management


Are you interested in Multi-Batch Management, but unclear as to how much it may cost you?


Contact Angel Blum at angel@mekorma.com

Mekorma MICR with Multi-Batch Management (MMM) improves efficiency and accuracy in your AP process and can save 75% or more time on daily and weekly tasks!

The MMM service can automatically give users one screen access to all batches across companies and:

  • Create check and EFT payment batches based on your criteria

  • Send payment approval requests

  • Print Edit lists

  • Print and post checks

  • Emailing and/or printing EFT remittances

  • Generate EFT files

  • Generate Safe Pay files



Mekorma MICR

It’s the top-selling check enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Mekorma Multi-Batch Management is a new feature for Mekorma MICR.

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Connector for Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management

Print Entity ID and Name and Sort Stub by Entity ID and Name.

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