Enhanced ePayments

Let us pay on your behalf – right from Dynamics GP



Modernize accounts payable in GP by taking advantage of Mekorma’s outsourced payment services.
You keep control of who gets paid and when – we’ll take care of how.

How does it work?



Easily create payment batches for all your GP companies using the Payment Hub Action Board’s robotic processing automation.




Notify approvers that transactions need their review. Approvals can be completed in Dynamics GP or on our remote payment app, PowerApprovals.




In one click, the Mekorma ePayment connector will send a payment file from your ERP directly to one of our AP service providers. Secure payments will be sent on your behalf via virtual credit card, EFT / ACH, wire transfer or check, according to vendor preference.

Who is it for?

Enhanced ePayments is for financial executives, accounting professionals and accounts payable leaders who want to:


  • Streamline the vendor payment process

  • Reduce processing costs

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Work remotely with greater ease



Mekorma's ePayment workflow

Benefits of the Enhanced ePayment Solution

Increased Efficiency
Easy Vendor
ERP Integration
Reduce Risk and
Maintain Control


Eliminate the need to manually print, fold, stamp and mail paper checks


Send one file for all payment types


Capture more early payment discounts


The ePayment service provider maintains a full-service team to enroll your vendors to accept electronic payment types


Vendor payment preferences are maintained and updated through the service provider’s continuous outreach program


Vendors have the freedom to choose what payment types they will accept



The Enhanced ePayment connector is fully integrated with Dynamics GP and Mekorma software, so you can continue your AP process with familiar functionality – minus the need to print payments



Dynamics GP remains the system of record for all your payments, erasing synchronization issues related to voided payments


The service provider takes on the liability for payments made through their system


Less checks printed means less opportunity for check fraud


Signing checks is replaced with a digital approval workflow, ensuring invoices and payments are reviewed / approved before they can be paid






Our ePayment solution partners:


Join one of our experts for a free AP assessment. We’ll determine which payment outsource provider will work best for your business:


*An outsource partner agreement must be signed before December 31st, 2020. The Client must begin processing ePayments within 30 days of the Mekorma / outsource provider connector implementation being completed. If the client does not complete the implementation within this 30-day period, the client will be charged the full $5,000 Implementation Fee. Given that the 30 days begin after the Mekorma connector is implemented any delays that could occur would be in the control of the partner allowing for an exception to be granted as needed.