Does the New Dynamics GP 2018 Payment Option ID Feature Really Work in 2013, 2015 & 2016?

By Craig Klapman

December 26th, 2017

The ability to save selection criteria from the Select Checks window, now Build Payment Batch window, is a long-awaited feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. Until now, the Select Checks window required users to enter their selection criteria each time they wanted to build a batch of payments. Usually, the same criteria were used week after week after week, yet they had to be re-entered anew for each payment batch. Dynamics GP 2018 allows you to save the selection criteria to re-use as a Payment Option ID.

Three Potential Issues

While an exciting new feature, users must be aware of three potential issues:
First, Due Dates and Cut Off Dates are saved in absolute values. It is quite common to select invoices based on Due Date, however, the Build Payment Batch window requires a user to enter an absolute date value. For example, if you are building your payment batch on April 10 and you want to pay everything due within the next seven days, you must enter April 17 as a Due Date. This is where the first problem arises. When saving the selection criteria as part of a Payment Option ID, Microsoft Dynamics GP will save the due date you entered as part of the option. Thus, when using a Payment Option ID to help build payments, you must remember to remove or change the date saved with the option, calculate the new date, then enter that date as the new due date. This adds extra time and work to the payment run process and introduces the possibility for errors as a user may omit modifying the due date.

Second, Payment Option IDs are company specific. If you use the same criteria to build payment batches across various Microsoft Dynamics GP company databases, you must enter and save each criterion individually, per company.

Third, each of the selection criteria must be selected manually when building the payment batch. This still leaves a highly manual process and the door open to a user selecting the wrong Payment Option ID.

The Solution to the Problems

Mekorma Multi-Batch Management, available for Dynamics GP versions 2013 R2, Dynamics GP 2015, Dynamics GP 2016 and Dynamics GP 2018 Mekorma extends its Payables Automation capabilities by creating a product that addresses the above mentioned concerns, while also making the remembering of payment batch building criteria available system-wide. If you use the same criteria in more than one company, you only need to enter in once and share it with the others

Multi-Batch Management allows users to create a Build ID – the equivalent of a Payment Option ID – which saves all the options from the Select Checks or Build Payment Batch window, using relative dates for the Due Date, Discount Date and, even, the Apply Date. Furthermore, Build IDs can be associated to individual checkbooks, payment methods (checks, EFTs, credit card), and currencies, across any number of companies into what is called a Process ID. Process IDs ensure a consistent payment run experience, regardless of whether the user running the process is familiar with the payment nuances within each company.

Of course, building payment batches is only a single part of the process. You still need to print checks, generate remittances, and post those batches. Multi-Batch Management provides the ability to print multiple check and EFT batches across company databases at the same time, eliminating the tedious task of dealing with each batch individually.

As a bonus, Multi-Batch Management will create the EFT and Safe Pay files you need to upload to the bank.

Available for Dynamics GP 2013 R2, 2015, 2016 & 2018

If you are a Mekorma MICR customer, Multi-Batch Management is available to you now – build x55 and later. Multi-Batch Management is available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2018. Please contact your Microsoft Dynamics GP partner or Mekorma for additional information on pricing and licensing.