Mekorma Multi-Batch Management Progress Control 

The Multi-Batch Management Progress Control feature allows users to stop Multi-Batch Management processes from moving forward between batches. When you click "stop" the system will finish processing the current batch, return to the company where the action board process was initiated and stop.

This feature can be useful in a variety of situations, including:

  1. Determining how much time you are saving using Multi-Batch Management.
  2. Stopping the Multi-Batch Management process and resuming it at a later time due to an unexpected event.
  3. Determining a cause of slow batch creation.
  4. In the event of a system interuption, this feature will allow Multi-Batch Management to resume processing where it left off. 

To use the Multi-Batch Management Progress Control follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the Progress Control is set up to show in the Multi-Batch Management Setup Options Window.
  2. Run your normal batch creation process.
  3. Notice if Multi-Batch Management halts. If it does halt, then go to the batch entry window. 
  4. Delete the batch.
  5. Try to create the batch by hand, see if it still takes an inordinately long time.
  6. If the batch is still taking an inordinately long time, please consult with Mekorma or Microsoft about why the Select Checks process is taking so long.

There are a few particular aspects to note about this feature: 

  1. The message will only apear for the user that was processing. 
  2. This feature does not work with EFT or SafePay batches because there is no documented process from Microsoft to deal with that problem.
  3. If you are prompted by a batch recovery message, we reccommend taking that route first.
  4. If there are several batches needed to complete a particular company and safe pay is being automatically generated, it is possible that the safe pay file will not be generated for that company. It depends on when the process is interrupted.
  5. Safepay will only be generated if all of the batches from the company have been complete process because Safepay is only done once at the end of the process. If the process is interrupted in between batches then the user will need to generate the Safepay file later when they continue the process or using the Action board to generate the safepay.