Mekorma Beta Program

Dear Valued Customers,
Mekorma invites you to be part of the future of the products you rely upon daily to run your business. Our beta testing program allows you to test-drive new product features and provide feedback on improvements you have asked for… before their release to the general public.

To participate in the Mekorma Beta Program you must:

  1. Sign up to participate.
  2. Have a fully independent Microsoft Dynamics GP test environment: isolated and separated from your production data. This environment should closely mirror your production environment and must allow you to test new Mekorma product features, run live scenarios of your daily operations and test bug fixes without interfering with your production environment operations. This will require a separate SQL server. Production environments with test companies will not be accepted. 
  3. Agree to have the product tested by a specified date when asked to be a part of a testing group.

For more information on the Mekorma Beta Program please contact

If you are already participating in Mekorma's Beta program and would like to provide feedback, please take a moment to fill out our Mekorma Beta Program Feedback Survey.

If you are interested in Mekorma's Beta Program, please fill out and submit the following questionnaire. If you'd like to download a paper version, please click here.

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