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Mekorma Sales Dec 26, 2018 Personal Profile

One of Jay Manley’s favorite activities is playing the guitar. Not just anyone can pick up the guitar and play. It takes focus, practice and not shying away from difficult chords. A good guitar player needs to be able to pick up their instrument and jam with any group and in any genre.


Jay takes this disciplined approach in his role as the newly-named President of Mekorma.

He’s traveled all over the world, but makes Fargo, ND his home where he also graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration from North Dakota State University with a major in Management Information Systems. His contributions to the local Civil Air Patrol can’t be understated, as he’s won numerous awards such as the Gil Robb Wilson, Grover Loening and Paul W. Garber awards, not to mention his extensive training with the Regional Staff College and National Staff College.

Jay always says, “People First.” This mantra came from his experience working for City of Fargo in the Public Works Department and learning from one of his first mentors, Dennis Walaker. If you have met Jay, it might be hard to believe that Dennis is actually much taller than Jay, but both are such gentle giants.

Over preparation has been the key to his success. He got that tip from his mentor, Cliff Hay. This tidbit helped him as he continued his career going from Intellisol where they wrote a Purchase Order module that worked with a new company called Great Plains Dynamics. The folks at this company were so impressed by his work, that they hired him in the Consulting division. Jay’s commitment to preparation earned him numerous awards including 5x Individual Quarterly, Leadership, Training Recognition, Presidents, Billable Achievement and TSP Program Excellence awards.

Cliff was the guy who nominated Jay for the President’s Award and Jay was uncharacteristically rendered speechless when Doug Burgum, the then President of Great Plains, presented him with his award.

In April 2001, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Great Plains. Jay’s position changed slightly, but his drive for excellence didn’t. “It was an exciting time to be part of this community,” as Jay states and yes, he went on to win Great People-Great Performance, Above and Beyond and Circle of Excellence – Gold Club awards. Then, the company went through some transitional changes and Jay was looking for his new adventure. He took a break from tech, earned his real estate license and sold his first house after two weeks.

Opportunity knocked once again. Kim Peterson, the consummate networking expert in the Dynamics community, contacted Jay and told him about a wonderful opportunity at Mekorma that he couldn’t possibly turn down. Being the “Type A” personality and always wanting to contribute to the Dynamics family, he said yes when Ora Goldman and Craig Klapman offered him the position of Development Manager, starting in January 2014. He then transitioned into his role of COO in November of 2017 and then to President, starting on January 1, 2019.

Jay is providing a great deal of guidance and leadership as Mekorma transitions this company from offering the traditional MICR check printing software which everyone knows about, to be the Payment Hub for Dynamics GP, including Accounts Payable automation and electronic payments.

He has been quite busy and focused since 2014, but he always makes time for his family, his community and his love of piloting and leading the drone program in the Civil Air Patrol, being an auto enthusiast with his 1972 Mustang Mach, off-roading and snowmobiling. Sounds like Fargo is the right spot for Jay with lots of land and skies to explore! He also gives back to his community by fixing up cars for the disadvantaged through his volunteerism with the Higher Power Automotive Ministries.

We are proud to have Jay on the Mekorma team.

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