MEM Connector

Mekorma MICR integrates with Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management® (MEM) product. See how it works with payables and payroll.

PAYABLES (Centralized)

Groups vouchers by Entity and sub-totals the remittance information for each Entity.

PAYABLES (Decentralized)

Provides the Entity ID to print on the check and/or remittance stub.

PAYROLL (Decentralized)

Supports the multiple checkbook and multiple payroll check batch capabilities provided by MEM to work with Mekorma MICR. Plus, it provides the Entity ID to print on the check and / or remittance stub.

Binary Stream is an award-winning, Microsoft Gold certified partner that develops enterprise-grade, add-on software to enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX.

Multi-Entity Management:

  • Manages multiple entities in a single database

  • Centralizes ERP business processes

  • Enhances corporate performance management