Mekorma Invoice Capture: Product Pricing

Mekorma Invoice Capture is a standalone product. It also integrates with the Mekorma Payment Hub for a complete, end-to-end AP automation solution.

Invoice Capture requires Microsoft licensing in addition to the cost of the product.


Recurring Costs

$2,000 Annual Product Subscription
for unlimited Microsoft Dynamics GP Users
1 Power Automate per user license,
for each service account
Starting at
AI Builder Credits

See complete Microsoft pricing details

Mekorma Implementation Costs

Invoice Capture must be installed and configured by the Mekorma Customer Success team; implementation fees required.

Invoice Capture Product:

  • $2000 for first GP company

    • $500 for each additional company

Dynamics GP Workflow/Approval Configuration

  • $2000 for first company

    • $500 for each additional company (with similar approval settings)

  • $750 to include Web Service setup (for email approvals outside of Dynamics GP)


User Scenario

This scenario defines the yearly cost for the product, plus the one-time setup fees for an organization with two GP companies:

Annual Costs

  - Invoice Capture subscription

$6,000  - AI Builder credits

$180  - Power Automate license

Total = $8,180

One-time Costs

$2,500  - (2 companies - base product implementation)

$2,500  - (2 companies, if adding Dynamics GP workflow implementation)

$750  - If adding Web Services

Total = $5,750


Total for first year = $13,930

Second year and ongoing annual cost = $8,180


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