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Traditional GP Processing

The standard Accounts Payable process in Dynamics GP for managing and paying vendors is intensive and time-consuming. Depending on how your company is currently configured, many manual actions must be performed to pay vendors by check, EFT, or credit card. Individual payment batches must be created for each payment type, which adds further complications. Enhanced Electronic Payments streamlines your efforts by consolidating check, EFT and credit card payments into one single payment file.


Integration is Key

Our unique integration with Dynamics GP is what allows Mekorma to eliminate and/or enhance your processing steps.

  • Single payment process for all payment types in Dynamics GP

  • Avoid manual processes outside of Dynamics GP (file transfers, emails, etc.)

  • Reconciliation details flow back into Dynamics GP automatically

  • Automation of payment batch creation and cross company batch processing




Why you want to qualify:

This payment solution solves the real issues facing your AP staff.

The best part about the ePayment service? IT’S FREE!!!

  • If you already own the Mekorma Payment Hub and are current with your enhancement plan, there are absolutely no fees for this service
    *The initial purchase and first year enhancement fee is required for those who do not own the Payment Hub

  • Multi Batch Management is included for FREE (normally $2,000 per year)

  • Implementation services for Enhanced Electronic Payments is included for FREE

  • The option to outsource all or some of your current check printing, stuffing and mailing of checks to vendors is included for FREE

  • The vendor outreach, help desk, and support services for both your staff and your vendors is ongoing with this service and included for FREE



How can this service be FREE?

The program is funded by the processing fee that your vendors pay. We’ll convert another 30-50% of your vendors to ACH. We work to recruit between 10 – 25% of your vendors into a virtual card program. The service can also handle your check payments by printing, stuffing and mailing those on your behalf.
There’s no smoke and mirror tricks with this service. Our payment processing, vendor outreach, and updates are all completely transparent in Dynamics GP, and you are 100% in control of the vendor communication plan and campaigns that we conduct on your behalf.


How to get qualified for MEEP

Allowing Mekorma to compare your annual vendor spend to our list of companies that accept virtual credit card payments is the first step to qualifying. There are two fast and easy ways to send us your information. If you are already a Mekorma customer and running a version of our software that is on build x75 or later, you can send your spend from within the software. If not, we also have a simple way to pull spend information from SQL. Please refer to the videos below for instructions on either method. If neither of these options work for you, let us know and we will assist you.

*Please note: Companies whose primary business is a gaming casino will not qualify for this service at this time.

There’s no commitment required for the qualification process.


Send Vendor Data using SQL

Send Vendor Data from within Mekorma Software



Don’t wait any longer, you have nothing to lose!!