Payment Automation
Eliminate vendor payment costs, earn card
rebates, and mitigate fraud.



Transform Accounts Payable Into a Profit Center

It’s no wonder that automating vendor payments is the #1 priority of accounts payable departments.

Mekorma makes it easy to pay vendors electronically

Starting day 1, our electronic payments service:

  • Eliminates the costs of vendor payments

  • Provides complete processing control with Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Offers a generous cash rebate program, to qualified clients

  • Mitigates the risks of payment fraud.



 A Comprehensive Payments Automation Approach

 From vendor conversion through payment reconciliation,
  Mekorma now offers a more comprehensive approach to paying vendors with:

  • Zero changes to your check printing process

  • You maintain full control & visibility

  • Maximum cash back from ePayment spend


Convert Vendors

Give us the burden of contacting and enrolling your suppliers on your behalf

  • Target each vendor with your spend and payment acceptance analysis

  • We drive adoption through our customized vendor transition plans

  • Gain peace of mind with our Payments Help Desk for managing onboarding, updates, changes and questions about payment status


Pay Vendors

Securely pay vendors by check, V-cards or
EFT using a single file

  • The type of payment each vendor will accept is determined and assigned in GP during the onboarding process.

  • A single batch of payments can now contain all forms of payments;
    EFT, Check and V-card payments.

  • Checks can still be printed inhouse with Mekorma MICR or handled by the service.

  • Multi-Batch Management can be used to automate batch building and processing across company databases.



Optimize Working Capital

Transform Accounts Payable into a Profit Center

  • Automated batch creation capabilities

  • Capture early-payment discounts

  • Cross company payment batch processing



Customer Advantage

  • MICR annual maintenance WAIVED

  • Multi-Batch Management NO CHARGE

  • No change to your GP processing


  • Eliminate cost, labor and paper

  • Improved cash management

  • Reduce exposure to check fraud


Cash Back for Qualified Clients