Support Tip- New Way to Navigate: Mekorma MICR Checkbook Setup Window

By Mekorma Support Team

October 8, 2018

As of Mekorma build x75, you can navigate directly to the Mekorma Checkbook Setup window from the GP Checkbook Maintenance window. Simply click on Additional > Mekorma Check Setup.


Upon arrival, you may notice a new look: the window has been consolidated and simplified, offering more intuitive navigation:

  • Check format settings for Payables, US Payroll and Canadian Payroll are now all configured within this window. You can select the module you’d like to set up from the drop-down menu in the ‘Module’ field.

  • Configuring the MICR line can be done with the new graphical interface, or by clicking on the hyperlinks (‘Check Number Pattern,’ Routing Number,’ and ‘Account Number’) to open the MICR Line Quick Entry window. 
    Hint: If using the graphical interface to alter the check number pattern, routing number or the account number, striking any key on the keyboard will scroll through the values for any given place within the MICR line.

  • The Default Threshold ID/ Threshold ID fields allow for integration with Mekorma’s new enhanced security model. These fields will not be accessible unless you switch to the new model. Stay tuned to our blog and videos page for more information!