Mekorma Payment Hub latest x76 build release

By Mariano Gomez

January 27, 2019

Hello Mekorma Users! Very rarely do we address the topic of "theme" when referring to a specific product build. However, with the release of build x76, we were aiming for "Stability and Performance" while blending "Form and Function".  As such, we worked on some key pain points reported by customers which went unattended for quite some time.

For example, we fixed an issue leading up to an error when printing zero-dollar EFT batches when EFT is configured to use check numbering; we also addressed an issue with our integration to Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management where PDF copies would print only for the last entity processed; or how about printing just a normal check if 'Omit $0 checks in Payables' is marked and the checkbook is setup to print the resulting Microsoft Dynamics GP Report Writer report instead of our enhanced stubs, when you are using our Multi-Batch Management product. This is just a small list of stability items we addressed, along with improving the performance experience when starting up and switching companies.

Enhanced Secure Approval Workflow

While we were working on stability and performance, we did decide to take our new Enhanced Secure Approval Workflow to the next level. But before I elaborate on the improvements, I want to take the time to describe our new workflow enhancement. Enhanced Secure Approval Workflow leverages the current Microsoft Dynamics GP role- and task-based security to provide multilevel approval and signature authorization to the Accounts Payable organization. Long gone are the days of getting up from around your desk to enter passwords before your payments can be processed - although, we still allow you to continue using our Legacy approval process (user security and checkbook security).

For this build, we kicked it up a notch and allowed you to continue enjoy all the features you had with Legacy security, but combined into a new and solid experience, with easier configurations and stronger integration to core Microsoft Dynamics GP capabilities. The good thing is, you can tailor this experience to each individual company in your environment: some companies can remain on legacy security, while other companies can take advantage of the new task-based security - just another shorter and sweeter name for this feature, which is also fully integrated to the Mekorma Audit Log.

Mekorma Enhanced Electronic Payments

As far as our Enhanced Electronic Payments goes, we have tremendously improved the experience all around by creating an even stronger integration with our MICR and Multi-Batch Management features and core Microsoft Dynamics GP. For example, we have improved inquiry capabilities for virtual credit cards in Bank Reconciliation, which now allow you, the user, to see how your virtual credit card payments were applied without having to navigate through numerous Microsoft Dynamics GP windows. We enhanced the vendor qualification process by adding a few user interface controls to improve navigation, and so on.


Every aspect of our products was reviewed for this build: our installer, the table maintenance process, and even our support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 and Canadian Year End updates was addressed.

We hope you are as excited as we are as we continue to provide superior products and services to you. Please download and apply this build and let us know what you think. Should you need additional information, please contact our Support team.

Now, I invite you to watch our video release notes for this build: