Mekorma Payment Hub latest x75 build release

By Mariano Gomez

October 9, 2017

Mekorma is pleased to announce the availability of our feature-packed Mekorma Payment Hub build x75, introducing the latest product in the family:

Mekorma Enhanced Electronic Payments (MEEP)

MEEP is a collaboration between Mekorma and ACOM Solutions, a leader in electronic payment processing and AP automation, geared towards customers looking to implement and formalize a payment strategy that will reduce the burden on the Accounts Payable staff, while improving relationships with vendors.

MEEP takes the tedious process of check printing and EFT processing, offloading these functions to our payment platform while keeping you in total control throughout the entire payment cycle. Furthermore, we introduce the ability to pay vendors with one-time virtual cards (vCards) which can translate into savings on your end1. We put all our resources at your disposal to understand what payment strategy benefits you the most. Long gone are the days where you spend hours printing checks and generating EFT files. Please contact for more information.

Enhanced Secure Approval Workflow

Our latest iteration also includes our new Enhanced Secure Approval Workflow feature. Enhanced Secure Approval Workflow combines the best of both our legacy checkbook security and user security into a streamlined approval and signature control process which is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP security tasks and roles. Enhanced Secure Approval Workflow introduces multi-level approval thresholds, no longer limiting you to just a lower and upper threshold, thus providing granularity and greater control over who can approve and sign payment documents.

You can now create an unlimited number of thresholds stored at the system level, providing you with the flexibility to use them across multiple companies. Understanding that every organization has different needs, we’ve separated the approval process for purchasing from that of US payroll and Canadian payroll. You can transition from Legacy Security with the click of a button and do so at your own convenience, as we have kept and improved our existing offerings.

Mekorma Checkbook Setup

All these features have led to a much improved and more streamlined user experience with our Mekorma Checkbook Setup process by providing you with a graphical interface for configuring your MICR line, in addition to total integration of each checkbook to the thresholds configured with Enhanced Secure Approval Workflow. You can now navigate to Mekorma Checkbook Setup from the standard Microsoft Dynamics GP Checkbook Setup window without having to click through myriads of navigation options.

Mekorma Payment Hub

Finally, all features described above are seamlessly integrated across all products within the Payment Hub. Mekorma Enhanced Secure Approval Workflow, Mekorma MICR, and Multi-Batch Management take full advantage of a common application programming interface to reduce complexity and improve consistency across the board.


1Results may vary for each customer.