PowerApprovals Pricing

PowerApprovals is an add-on product to the Mekorma Payment Hub.

In addition to a Payment Hub license you will also need to purchase the following:

Mekorma Costs

Annual Product Subscription




Microsoft Power Apps subscription

Subscription Plan


Per User/App/Month


Per User/Month

Pay-as-you-go Plan


Per Active User/App/Month



To purchase Power Apps for an organization, you must already be an Office365 Global or Billing Admin of a tenant, or you must create a tenant.

Mekorma Implementation Costs

Contact our team to discuss the installation and configuration assistance required for this product. Mekorma Product implementation fees may be required, Power Platform assistance will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and GP Approval Workflow and Web Services configuration are optional, if applicable.

PowerApprovals Product

  • $2,250 per environment

Note: Document Management Bridge for PowerApprovals
  • Costs range from $4,000 to $9,000


Licensing scenario

This example offers an idea of total annual cost using Mekorma PowerApprovals, based on number of approvers and PowerApps licensing options

Business Scenario: 3 Approvers - Licensed under the per user/app/month model

Mekorma Costs

Product Subscription = $850

Microsoft Costs

Power Apps Subscription = $180

3 users/$15 per Month

Total costs: $1030

*Does not include taxes

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