Mekorma Setup Videos

Multi-Batch Management Setup and Configuration (15:54)


Mekorma Payment Hub Prerequisites (2:23)


Mekorma Payment Hub
Quick Start (5:00)


Using Mekorma's Product Key Registration(3:38)


Signature and Approval Rules by Vendor Class with Security by User ID - x60 Revision (2:01)


Importing and Using Signature Files with Security by User ID - x60 Revision (4:11)


Suppressing Benefits and Deductions (1:30)

Using Named Printers with Mekorma (3:42)

Mekorma Use Videos

Multi-Batch Management for Binary Stream's MEM Users (4:09)


Introduction to Using Mekorma with the Dynamics GP Web Client (7:54)


EFTs with Multi-Batch Management: Setup and Use (8:43)


How to Set Up and Use Mekorma to Process EFTs (7:49)


Mekorma Payment Hub Demo (7:40)


Multi-Batch Management Processing Demo (6:27)


Refund Checks with Mekorma (4:55)


Assigning Vouchers by Voucher Checkbook ID (GP 2013-2016) (6:01)


Assigning Vouchers by Voucher Checkbook ID (GP 2018) (6:01)


Assigning Vouchers by Vendor Checkbook ID (GP 2013-2016) (6:01)


Assigning Vouchers by Vendor  Checkbook ID (GP 2018) (6:22)


Using and Customizing Mekorma's Default Check Formats (6:51)


Using the Mekorma  Configurator (6:03)


How to Run Mekorma Table Maintenance(5:39)


How to Create a Digital Signature (2:29)