Mekorma Setup Videos

Mekorma MICR Prerequisites (2:23)


Mekorma MICR Quick Start (5:00)


Using Mekorma's Key Product Key Registration(3:38)


Testing Multi-Batch Management Without Incurring Charges (1:17)


Signature and Approval Rules by Vendor Class with Security by User ID - x60 Revision (2:01)


Importing and Using Signature Files with Security by User ID - x60 Revision (4:11)


Suppressing Benefits and Deductions (1:30)

Mekorma Use Videos

Introduction to Using Mekorma with the Dynamics GP Web Client (7:54)


EFTs with Multi-Batch Management: Setup and Use (8:43)


How to Set Up and Use Mekorma MICR to Process EFTs (7:49)


Mekorma MICR Demo (7:40)


Introduction to Multi-Batch Management - x60 Revision (16:24)


Refund Checks with Mekorma MICR (4:55)


Assigning Vouchers by Voucher Checkbook ID (GP 2013-2016) (6:01)


Assigning Vouchers by Voucher Checkbook ID (GP 2018) (6:01)


Assigning Vouchers by Vendor Checkbook ID (GP 2013-2016) (6:01)


Assigning Vouchers by Vendor  Checkbook ID (GP 2018) (6:22)


Using and Customizing Mekorma's Default Check Formats (6:51)


Using the Mekorma MICR  Configurator (6:03)


How to Create a Digital Signature (2:29)




Winthrop Training Videos

Effective July 1, 2018, Mekorma will no longer distribute Winthrop products. Product downloads, new orders and subscription renewals will all be handled directly through Winthrop.
For more information, please review our announcement here or visit the Winthrop Development Consultants website.

GP Power Tools - Company Based Color Schemes  (7:08)

GP Power Tools - Usability Enhancements (9:48)