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When Mekorma MICR tries to send an email (for example sending EFT remittances or sending notifications to approvers), a user may get an 'Allow/Deny Email' prompt from Outlook. This optional Outlook setting is there to allow a user to be selective about what non-Outlook windows programs are allowed to send email using Outlook Some Mekorma MICR users are experiencing Outlook failing to send emails after they have received this prompt, even when they click 'allow'.

The temporary solution that we have established removes the need for the prompted message, and designates that remittances automatically get emailed to vendors. To do this, we change the Win.ini settings as follows:

  1. Launch notepad as administrator

  2. Open file c:\windows\win.ini

  3. Look for the MAPI=1 setting in the file

  4. Change it to MAPIX=1

  5. Restart Outlook and GP

Please note that changing the win.ini file on each workstation is a temporary work-around. A full fix for this issue is expected to be included in an upcoming build which will be released in the Spring of 2018. Additionally, please note the following regarding this temporary work-around:

  1. This work-around may cause the 'Allow/Deny Email' prompt to be suppressed in other applications (including Dynamics GP) as well.

  2. This work-around will have to be implemented in each workstation on which the 'Allow/Deny Email' prompt causes issues.