Effective July 1, 2018, Mekorma will no longer distribute Winthrop products. Product downloads, new orders and subscription renewals will all be handled directly through Winthrop.
For more information, please review our announcement here or visit the Winthrop Development Consultants website.

Customize this powerful tool to meet your needs!


Choose your modules:


Administrator Tools:

  • Avoid data entry errors! Company based color schemes provide an immediate visual cue to which company is being used.

  • Gain full administrative and audit control of your security system, including deny-based security.

  • Roll out Dex.ini settings changes to all workstations

  • Simplify troubleshooting by disabling third party products and customizations (including Visual Studio Addins and VBA)

  • Users can customize window positions and sizes based on the how they use the system.


Developer Tools:

  • Create, execute and publish scripts from inside Dynamics GP using Dexterity, Transact-SQL, Visual C# and Visual Basic.Net.

  • Create triggers to schedule events, customize Dynamics GP, and debug issues by automatically capturing logs

  • Build custom report writer functions or custom Service Based Architecture (SBA) service procedures

  • Request parameters from users for scripts without needing any additional programming

  • Group triggers, scripts and parameter lists together into development projects for easy maintenance and exporting


Database Tools:

  • Synchronize and repair Dynamics GP companies and users with SQL Server Databases, Logins and Database Users

  • Update logins and passwords after moving to a new SQL Server or when creating test environments

  • Clean up system tables and validate database integrity and table structures before upgrading to minimize upgrade issues

  • Export and import selected data from multiple tables using XML for quick transfer of small amounts of data between systems or for backups.

Plus, get these powerful IT Support features with the purchase of any module:

  • Capture and email 5 system logs in “One-Click.”

  • Capture and email a full system status report and screenshots of all open windows in “One-Click.”

  • Send emails from inside Dynamics GP even with no email client installed.

  • Change Dex.ini and registry settings from inside GP, including making GP work well on high res monitors.

GP Power Tools is available for versions Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (v11.0), GP 2013 (v12.0 including R2), GP 2015 (v14.0 including R2), GP 2016 (v16.0 including R2), and GP 2018 (v18.0).

In our continued commitment to the GP community, Mekorma is pleased to partner with David Musgrave and Winthrop Development Consultants in order to exclusively offer his exceptional products and services worldwide.  


David Musgrave has provided software solutions since 1984. After many years at Microsoft, he returned to Winthrop Development Consultants in 2014. He offers development, consulting, and training services globally. David has presented sessions at numerous customer and partner conferences. Known for his work as the Escalation Engineer on the Microsoft Dynamics GP Asia Pacific support team and contributions to the Developing for Dynamics GP MSDN blog, he is an active contributor to forums and the Winthrop Development Consultants' blog . David is the original author of Named Printers, Omni Tools, Omni Price, Advanced Security, Field Level Security, Business Activity Statement (for Australian GST), SnapShot, Menus for Visual Studio Tools, and the popular Support Debugging Tool. He has also made many contributions to the code of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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