The New Mekorma Payment Hub

By Jay Manley

October 4, 2018


For well over the last two decades, Mekorma has been known for our MICR check printing software, and we have been included on well over 5000 Dynamics GP implementations. Today, as accounts payable departments are increasingly seeking to automate their payment processes, Mekorma is evolving to meet those needs.

In the last two decades, we continued to have more and more features added to our Mekorma MICR product to the point where the actual MICR check printing portion of the functionality became the end- product of a large process of invoice processing, approvals, workflow, etc.

With the evolution of features and functionality that was added to our Mekorma MICR product, it has transformed itself into the new
Mekorma Payment Hub.


Why Payment Hub?

Because as well as including the Mekorma MICR feature, you can add other exciting services, such as Mekorma Multi-Batch Management and our newest offering, Mekorma Enhanced Electronic Payments.

As mentioned earlier, MICR Check Printing is included with your purchase of the Mekorma Payment Hub, along with associated features--automated signature logic, check image archiving, and our recently enhanced secure approval workflow.  

Additionally, you have the option to add the Multi-Batch Management service. Multi-Batch Management will help you build and process check and EFT batches, across multiple companies and checkbooks, all from one window--streamlining the payment process even further.

And our newest service offering, Enhanced Electronic Payments, allows you to pay vendors by check, EFT, or Virtual Credit Card. As part of this service, we’ll even reach out to vendors to enroll them in the V-Card payment service, so your AP department can focus on other tasks. Paying your suppliers with V-Card has the potential to bring revenue back into your AP department with a cash rebate program, available for qualified candidates.

We are truly excited to introduce these new developments here at Mekorma! If you want more details about how the Mekorma Payment Hub and its add-on services can improve your payment processing within Dynamics GP, please see our website, or reach out directly to a member of our Sales team at We look forward to hearing from you!