Tech Tips – Solving Problems with Missing Signatures

By Mekorma Support Team

January 22nd, 2018

Signatures Not Importing into Signature Library

Starting with 2010 b400 released September 25, 2015, Mekorma MICR stopped reading signature images at print time from disk and started storing them in the Dynamics GP SQL database, specifically in Mekorma company tables. In order to facilitate the transition for existing clients, we modified our table upgrade process to import the Mekorma associated electronic signatures from the location of existing access for import to the Mekorma tables we designated for signature image storage. Though this process works well most of the time, sometimes it fails for one or two reasons pertaining to security or physical access.

Periodically, we receive reports of the import process failing when the image is stored on a removable drive that is not present during the table upgrade process

On a more frequent basis we receive reports of the import process failing due to permissions limitations to the image file on the network drive or folder location. We recommend performing the upgrade with Windows administrator privileges to avoid this issue. SA access in Dynamics GP alone is not a sufficient condition for the Mekorma upgrade process to run successfully.

Note: In the event the signature import process fails during the Mekorma table upgrade routine, any target signature image that failed to import must be done so individually, with a minimum of Windows Read/Write access, over the folder location containing the signature file. This will ensure successful import into the Mekorma Signature Library to incorporate the image on Mekorma checks.