Support Tip- Diagnosing Payment Creation Process Issues in Mekorma MICR

By Mekorma Support Team

June 5, 2018

For your consideration, when altering the dynamics.set file for the purpose of troubleshooting and ruling out third party conflicts while running Dynamics GP, the latest builds of Mekorma require you to consider the following two aspects for launch of Dynamics GP without Mekorma products.

  1. The five Mekorma products listed must be removed, product number subtracted, and removal of corresponding reports and dictionary paths:

    • 7156 - Mekorma Products Manager

    • 2404 - Mekorma MICR

    • 2916 - MICR for Canadian Payroll

    • 7150 - Mekorma Multi-Batch Management

    • 3183 - Assign by Checkbook

  2. The Mekorma.MultiBatchManagement.dll located in the GP Root\AddIns folder must be temporarily renamed or relocated for successful launch of GP.
    Note: An extra copy of the file is also stored in GP Root\Mekorma MICR, but there is no need to alter or rename this extra copy for this purpose.