Safely Approve Payments - Without Ever Logging into Dynamics GP


By Mariano Gomez

June 2, 2020


We at Mekorma are super excited to offer you our new product – PowerApprovals, a cross-platform mobile application written from the ground up on the Microsoft Power Platform.


PowerApprovals takes full advantage of the capabilities of Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate – two member products of the Power Platform family – to provide a mobile user interface, supported by integrated workflow automation.


Personally, this is a dream come true, as I have been advocating for the use of low-code application development platforms since the days of Project Siena. It means we can spend more time solving your business problems and less effort developing code.



Why use the app?

Our PowerApprovals product is fully integrated with Mekorma Payment Hub’s secure approval workflow and can perform all the approval functions available from within the Dynamics GP desktop application.


However, PowerApprovals goes beyond by delivering a cross-company experience, where approvers can address payments individually or grouped at the payment batch level - all from the convenience of a mobile device.


Gone are the days waiting for your Finance Director or CFO to log into Dynamics GP just to approve a payment for processing. With our integration to Dynamics GP Doc Attach, approvers can view supporting documents (in PDF format) without those documents ever leaving your server - maintaining all information governance protocols established by your business.




What About Security?

Because we leverage the Microsoft Azure AD infrastructure built into the Power Platform, there is never a concern about security breaches with our app. PowerApprovals uses Microsoft’s On-premises Data Gateway to connect with your on-premises Dynamics GP SQL Server. The gateway acts as a security bridge, safely transferring data between your SQL server, the app, and back again. If you want an overall understanding of the Data Gateway, start here.


This means we don’t have to open firewall ports in order to grab the SQL data, which would pose a risk to your infrastructure security.

Also, as mentioned above, PowerApprovals is an extension of our task-based secure approval workflow system. Approvers are assigned security roles / tasks, along with the specific dollar amounts thresholds they are responsible for. Because the Data Gateway is able to communicate with your GP system, users will only have access to the companies and transactions they are assigned as configured in GP / Mekorma security.

What’s Next for PowerApprovals?

At Mekorma, we want you and your business to benefit from the latest innovations. Not only have we added over 200 new features in the past 5 years to the desktop application, but we’re now expanding PowerApprovals functionality - based on your feedback.


The upcoming Build x81 will add the following features:

  • Ability to mark or unmark all payments in a batch simultaneously for approval or rejection, saving you time.

  • Visibility on supporting documents in Dynamics GP Doc Attach stored as images (in addition to PDF).

  • A new more detailed voucher information screen, so approvers have all the information they need.

  • More responsive design so the user interface is ideal, whether you're using the app on a phone, laptop or tablet.

One last thing before I go… do you have a mobile application you always wanted to build? A complex workflow that touches multiple systems and people? That next great data visualization idea? And how about a chatbot that could help your employees, customers, and partners navigate through a web of complex interrelated information?


Mekorma is here to help! If you can dream it, we can build it by leveraging the power of the Microsoft Power Platform. Contact our Sales or Professional Services teams for more information.