Mekorma Year in Review 2018

By Karen Wainwright

December 20, 2018


2017 was an exciting year of ongoing growth for Mekorma, but it didn’t quite match up to the overwhelming excitement that we experienced in 2018 for our customers and partners alike. Let us tell you what happened.

The state of the AP industry is constantly evolving and Mekorma clearly recognized that. We ushered tried and true MICR check printing technology into the modern age of automation and electronic payments.

There’s more to Accounts Payable than just cutting a check and mailing it to a vendor. We looked outward to find ways to add value.

We created Multi-Batch Management (MMM) and promoted it more through our sales channels throughout the year. This is the solution that enables AP professionals to complete all of their payments in one screen and save their selection criteria when creating batches. A sure time saver for all! When we exhibited at Summit 2018 in Phoenix, AZ, our existing customers were overjoyed with the progress Mekorma made to make their processes easier and faster and prospective customers were delighted to hear that we could provide them more than what they expected.

Early in 2018, we entered into a joint venture with ACOM Solutions to offer a fully integrated electronic payment solution called Enhanced Electronic Payments. This is a life-changer for Accounts Payable. Not only do we set up vendors for electronic payments, but this is where we introduced the concept of V-Cards or Virtual Cards for our mutual customers. More details on V-Cards can be found in our blog post here. If you are interested and qualify, don’t forget to ask about the rebates you can earn to transition your AP department to a profit center. It does pay for itself and comes at no charge to customers.

With both Multi-Batch Management and Enhanced Electronic Payments, our entire team agrees that it’s a thrill to have new features as we frequently release, but to have actual new solutions to offer our customers.

We can’t forget to mention how we rebranded our MICR check printing software into the Mekorma Payment Hub. Our own, Jay Manley wrote a great blog post about it. A hub, as you can imagine, is the central point for AP that allows for our traditional check writing but also adds on the valuable features of the two new products mentioned above.

These solutions are offered in the Dynamics GP community. Over the past twenty-year history of Mekorma, we’ve learned a lot from the members of this diverse group of users and partners. We’ve expanded our reach to become members of IOFM or Institute of Finance & Management which allows us to gather insights, best practices and trends in the Accounts Payable community in a broader sense. Beth Mongold, in content creation and Karen Wainwright, in sales attended their APP2P Fall Conference in Las Vegas where they learned how to deliver even more excellence to our Mekorma clients.

The state of our union with complimentary ISVs remains stronger than ever. Collaboration with other vendors was a key focus for 2018, as indicated in our blog post from August.

We were proud to announce that Mariano Gomez in product development was named yet again, an MVP in the Dynamics GP community. Don’t forget to check out his blog - The Dynamics GP Blogster!

We also looked inward. Our focus includes cloud technology to ensure that all of our employees have access to the basics like D365 for operations like sales, marketing, tech support, etc. We use Azure, Skype, WebEx, Teams, etc. to ensure that we are always working on the Microsoft stack. The executive management of Mekorma strongly encourages the team to keep up training and certifications. They also want the team to take classes that don’t necessarily deal with technology, so we can learn new things outside of our specialty areas and gather fresh ideas.

2019 will be yet another thrilling year for Mekorma. We invite you to learn more about our recent developments and future advancements in our blog posts, LinkedIn and Twitter.