Mekorma is Compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.4



By Qiana Wang - GP Product Manager
October 21st, 2021

Mekorma’s AP payment automation software is now compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.4 (October 2021 update). This includes the Payment Hub and add-on products (PowerApprovals and the Remote Payment Connector).

If you are planning to upgrade to Dynamics GP 18.4, please be sure to download and install the corresponding Mekorma build by choosing the correct GP version on our downloads page.



What you need to know

  • If you are an existing Mekorma customer on GP2018, 18.2 or 18.3, you do not require new GP or Mekorma registration keys.

  • If you own PowerApprovals or the Remote Payment Services Connector (formerly MEEP), please make sure to download and install the new versions available on the downloads page.

  • If you also use Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management, our integration has not yet been tested. According to Binary Stream, their anticipated release date for a build compatible with GP 18.4 will be October 27th. We will confirm compatibility once it is available.

  • We’ve also added a few fixes for a smoother user experience. See details in the x84 Release Notes.

Please note, we will test and confirm compatibility  with Dynamics GP 2021 year-end update after its scheduled release (December 2021). If you need technical assistance, please log in to the Mekorma portal to open a support case.