Mekorma Payment Hub x81 Release Highlights


By Karen Wainwright

August 4, 2020


Great things come in threes…


In Mekorma Build x81, we have three major updates to help you maximize the value of your Payment Hub investment. As you might be aware, we release new builds approximately four times annually to ensure you have the latest technology.


Build x81 new features allow you to:

  • Print payments from the Action Board with more ease, especially if you use terminal server redirected printers

  • Gain greater control and visibility into payment rejections

  • See more of the information you need to approve payments with our mobile app, PowerApprovals

Action Board Printer Selection

The Action Board, available to all Mekorma Payment Hub users, allows you to build, process, and post payment batches all from one window in Dynamics GP. It’s especially useful for AP teams that process payments for multiple GP databases, because you can access payment batches for all your companies and checkbooks.


The Action Board can automatically log in and out of each company as batches are processed, no manual effort required. But this poses a unique challenge for printing check payments – and x81 delivers a new solution that makes printing from the Action Board easier, especially if you use redirected or session printing.



Before: In order to print checks in the Action Board, you were required to set up Dynamics GP Named Printers so the automation process would not stop for printer selection as it switches between batches/companies.


Now: We introduced the Action Board Printer Selection to allow users to choose the desired printers prior to each Action Board payment run. You can assign default printers to each print task at the system level, per company and per user. The Action Board won’t be interrupted for printer selection prompts and setting up Named Printers is no longer a requirement. You can make the changes on your own as a user, right from the Action Board.


ProTip: Please be sure to choose your printer prior to processing batches in Action Board. But if you already have Named Printers set up and it’s working for you, there’s no need to change methods.


Payment Rejections in Mekorma Payment Hub

With Secure Approval Workflow configured, approvers can review and approve payments. If a certain payment should not be made due to entry errors or cash flow considerations, that payment can be rejected. But what happens then?


Before: Rejected payments are moved from the original batch to the MICR Reject Batch, so the original batch can continue to be processed without the rejected payment. Previously, payments placed in the MICR Reject Batch could be viewed by generating a report but you were limited in taking the next steps.


Now: The new Mekorma Rejected Payments Navigation List enables you to review, delete or move the payment to a new batch all from one centralized location. You’ll find it more efficient to manage rejected payments.


ProTip: The Rejected Payment list allows you to view payment voucher details and any rejection reasons added by the approver.


Increased functionality for PowerApprovals Users

The PowerApprovals mobile app allows approvers to complete payment approvals from the comfort of any device or browser, even if they’re not typical GP users. Our x81 iteration offers more options for viewing attachments and voucher details, as requested by our users.


Before: Supporting documentation was only available in .pdf and our customers requested additional file extensions. Users could see details about payments, but you wanted further detail at the voucher level.


Now: PDF and image files can be viewed within the app. The Payment Detail screen now links to a detail screen for each included voucher.


ProTip: Use DocAttach in tandem with PowerApprovals so that you can view invoices in .pdf or image formats.


Additionally, you will find a noticeable improvement in the responsiveness of the app whether you are using a phone, web browser or tablet.


To make use of these new product features, download build x81 here:


Check out the x81 Release Notes video to see these new features in action – complete details on setup and use can be found in our online User Guide.