Meet Mekorma’s ISV Partners

By Mekorma Sales Consultant Karen Wainwright

August 8, 2018

Since none of us can do our jobs alone, Mekorma has been fortunate to partner with a select set of ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) who share our vision in making Accounts Payable Management or Payment Automation easy and productive for our mutual customers.

Mekorma collaborates with other ISVs to brainstorm on ideas, share requests from customers, and work with industry leaders - such as partners and representatives of Dynamic Communities and Microsoft - to ensure that customers reap further benefits from their investment in Dynamics GP.

“Some of the industry’s best and most creative thinkers and innovators are Dynamics GP ISVs,” said Bob McAdam, General Manager of Dynamic Communities. He continued to state, “Diligent attention to improving Dynamics GP by collaborating together to meet the needs of end-users, ISVs are leading the way to new, innovative functionality that will make Dynamics GP even stronger in the future. That’s where the magic occurs.”

Who are some of the ISVs that Mekorma works with and integrates to?

Binary Stream, is one of the most recognizable names in the GP business. Based in beautiful British Columbia, one of their most popular solutions is Multi-Entity Management, or MEM. Mekorma provides the MEM Connectors for both Payables and/or Payroll the give mutual clients a way to pull in entity ID information onto their Mekorma pay stubs as well as offering additional sorting options. We also recently enhanced our Multi-Batch Management service to now build payment batches for all your entities; print checks and create EFT remittances; and post payments and create EFT and Safe Pay files for your bank. All of this is done from one screen, for all (or any) or your entities, in a single process for each action.

ACOM, Inc., is our latest partnership. Wonderful California is their home. Powered by a collaboration with ACOM, we now help clients eliminate supplier payment costs, earn credit card rebates and mitigate fraud with Mekorma Enhanced Electronic Payments. The benefits for clients are clear. We are making Accounts Payable a profit center, automating payments and doing the heavy lifting to convert vendors to this service. If clients want the flexibility of writing checks, using V-cards or generating EFTs in one file, this partnership enables us to offer even more to optimize working capital. 

Altec, Inc., is an ISV Mekorma happily recommends and we have the distinct honor to recognize them as our longest ISV relationship. California is home base for them as well. When clients need printer supplies and toner, Altec is the only company we refer them to. They even offer the envelopes to mail MICR checks. Like all our ISV relationships, they are equally committed to offering the best client experience possible.

PaperSave, is famous for their document management solutions. From sunny Florida, their PaperSave Pro Solution delivers the ability to print bar codes on checks for easy tracking with their connector to the Mekorma Payment Hub. PaperSave enhances the user experience in Dynamics GP and we are pleased to partner with such a company that shares our vision.


Final Thoughts:
Mekorma is always looking for the next new idea in Payables Management and Payment Automation. We are proud to have built such a strong inter-ISV relationship with so many Dynamics GP ISVs and are excited about the future and the strong Dynamics GP community.