At Last!
Mekorma Multi-Batch Management and Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management Work Together the Way You Want Them To

By Craig Klapman

June 5, 2017

Rejoice! Sisyphus has finally pushed that boulder to the top of the hill.

If you use Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management, I’m sure you are familiar with that sinking feeling that overcomes you (or your staff) whenever it is time to create vendor payments. All your entities are nicely meshed together in a single Dynamics GP database for all your other processing. But, when it’s time to create AP payments, you’re back again to the tedious grind of building individual batch by individual batch. Each week, that boulder rolls back down the hill.

When Mekorma Multi-Batch Management was released in 2017, it solved the problems of needing to print checks for all those batches one batch at a time, as well as, the problems of needing to post each batch one at a time and create each ACH and Safe Pay file one at a time. But, that wasn’t quite enough. Building all those payment batches was still a tedious, frustrating process for many of our customers.

But, there is happy news. Starting with the bx70 series of builds, Mekorma Multi-Batch Management (MMM) now fully supports the building of AP payment batches using Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management (MEM). That means you can build payment batches for all your entities whether they exist in one Dynamics GP database or are spread out over several in a single process.

To be clear, Mekorma Multi-Batch Management now fully supports the Multi-Entity Management Alternate Select Checks window. All functions and controls that are available on that window are now available in Multi-Batch Management. But, Multi-Batch Management has the added benefit of allowing you to save the criteria you currently enter every time you build a payment batch. You can then combine the saved criteria into one or more Process IDs. When a Process ID is run, your saved criteria will build payment batches for as many entities as you’ve designated from the appropriate checkbook for each entity. The entities can be in the same and/or separate Dynamics GP databases. You can combine Centralized and Decentralized payments in a single process eliminating the need for multiple passes through the Select Checks window. And, if you also build payment batches for checkbooks for Dynamics GP companies where MEM is not enabled, you can combine those batches with batches from MEM enabled companies in the same Process ID. With the correctly built Process ID, you can create payment batches, both EFT and checks, for as many entities as you want from the correct checkbooks all at the same time. Of course, you can also create more than one Process ID so you can build the payment batches you need to when you need to. You can finally leave that boulder at the top of the hill and just enjoy the view.

As always, once the payment batches are built, Mekorma Multi-Batch Management enables you to print the checks for all those batches at the same time as you create the EFT remittances for all the EFT batches followed by automatically posting the EFT batches and creating the ACH files for the banks. This only leaves posting the check batches and creating the Safe Pay file. Again, all that is done for all your batches (or just those you select) in a single process.

Mekorma Multi-Batch Management was created for companies using Multi-Entity Management. Now the marriage is complete.

See for yourself how Mekorma Multi-Batch Management can cut hours off the time you spend creating and distributing payment batches. Please review our library of videos listed below or contact Karen Wainwright ( to schedule a personalized demo. The demo will take 30 – 60 minutes, will answer all the questions you have and will save you 100s of hours going forward.

Visit the Video page on our website for instructional videos or contact for assistance with installation and setup.